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Vaccination Services in West Hempstead, NY

If you or your family needs vaccinations, Franklin Primary Care can help you. Our clinic offers vaccinations for flu, hepatitis B, MMR, meningitis, pneumonia, tetanus, and shingles. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 225 Nassau Boulevard, West Hempstead, New York 11552

Vaccination Services Near Me in West Hempstead, NY
Vaccination Services Near Me in West Hempstead, NY

Table of Contents:

Where can I get vaccinations near me?
What types of vaccinations should I get?
What does each vaccination prevent?

Many, many diseases have been either eradicated or nearly so with the use of vaccines. Vaccines work by introducing a disabled version of the virus to the body, so the body can learn what it is and build up immunity, so as not to get infected in the future, essentially making us immune. Getting vaccinated is mandatory at many schools, so make sure you’re up to date with your vaccinations!

Where can I get vaccinations near me?

Vaccines and immunizations are important throughout your life. They provide the body with important defenses against serious diseases and life-threatening and life-altering conditions. While the body produces many antibodies against diseases through the immune system, some diseases are too strong for your immune system alone. Vaccines provide critical protection so you and your family can stay healthy.

Our doctors at Franklin Primary Care can evaluate your medical records and review what necessary vaccines you may need or for possible exposure risks.

Keep in mind that regular health check-ups for you and your children are just as important as keeping up to date with vaccines. During those visits, talk to your doctor about which vaccines are recommended for you and for all family members. There are resources available in your doctor’s off or online for you if your child does not have health insurance.

What types of vaccinations should I get?

In vaccinated individuals, a vaccine can induce protective immunity against the corresponding infectious agent because of its agent-specific, antigenic components. Travelers should have a medical consultation to learn about the diseases in the country or countries they plan to visit before departure and take the appropriate steps to avoid and prevent these illnesses.

If there is a shot that helps the immune system prepare for an infection, that is considered a vaccine-preventable. After receiving the vaccine and responding to it, a person develops immunity. The body is able to destroy the virus or bacteria and prevent the disease when a person is vaccinated. Some people who receive a vaccine can still get the disease because no vaccine is perfect. When everyone is vaccinated this gives the community “immunity” and basically means there are few people who could possibly spread the disease further. “Herd” immunity prevents outbreaks of severe diseases.

What does each vaccination prevent?

Adults also need protection against diseases that can have serious consequences now or possibly later on.

1. Flu shots
Good evidence reveals the flu vaccine’s power against sickness and death from influenza and its complications.

2. Pneumococcal vaccine
The pneumococcal vaccine protects the vulnerable against pneumonia, meningitis, and other infections that can lead to hospitalization and death.

3. Tetanus boosters
The tetanus vaccine guards against a bacteria whose toxin painfully contracts muscles throughout your body. It is often combined with other vaccines.

4. Shingles vaccine
Since the virus lies dormant in the body, people who get chickenpox are at risk of developing shingles later in life. Experiencing more than one attack is very rare when it comes to the shingles virus.

Shingles is essentially a very painful rash that pops up and can be triggered by a number of variables. The vaccine slashes the severity of shingles as well as the risk of developing ongoing nerve pain.

5. Hepatitis vaccines
Hepatitis A and hepatitis B viruses attack the liver. Vaccination prevents serious infection in cancer, hepatitis B, liver failure, and liver scarring.

If you or someone you know is in need of a vaccination, come to Franklin Primary Care today! We have a team of professional and caring staff, so you can feel comfortable when getting your shots! Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 225 Nassau Boulevard, West Hempstead, New York 11552. We serve patients from West Hempstead NY, Franklin Square NY, Garden City NY, New Hyde Park NY, Uniondale NY, Mineola NY, and North Valley Stream NY.